Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Were-wuff" Elijah

Ello there -
Yesterday was the Halloween party for all the primary school kids at the Village Hall. Ahhh, small town life. It was kind of a strange little get-together for small kids, there was nothing organized, just a DJ playing loud cheezy dance music. Elijah and James got ready together at James' house - the were both werewolves. Elijah calls it a "were-wuff". I only thought of a Halloween costume for Elijah the day before (I am so not a super-Mom), so we ended up buying him a store-made thingy. James got the homemade deal with blood and all. Ha. I think Elijah looked more like Chewbacca than a werewolf, but hey, that's just me. Anyways, here's a few videos of Elijah and James busting a move solo on the dance floor:

Hmm, what else is new? There's only like 10 days before the Americans take over Capel - weehawww! Everyone getting really excited now? All the wedding stuff is falling into place, so that's good. It'll be so nice to have 2 weeks off with the fam - even Paul is taking all that time off. Soooooper.

Elijah goes back to school Monday - it was "half-term" this week - so all the kids got a week off. He's been a good boy, though I think he's excited to go back to school. We haven't done too much - it's been REALLY cold. We went down to Folkestone one day and we met up with my friend Mary and her little girl Stella. We went to the pirate ship park and the beach even though it was freezing with the wind blowing at 92 miles per hour. Mary may want to join me on a business venture of some grand proportions, and you know me, I'm all crazy ideas and enthusiasm, so heck, bring it on. Oh, and Mary & her hubby Jonathan volunteered to make homemade truffles for our wedding favours, how nice is that?? Joosi is going extremely well - much better than I expected only a few months into business. I had 3 orders last week, 2 this week (one custom, so a tad more money!) - my goal when I started was to have an average of 2-3 orders per week by the end of year one, so yeah, things are going well indeed!

Paul is doing grrrreat - he has an insanely amazing afro at the moment, it's great. And almost a full beard - bring it. He's like an English Yeti. Hahaa, I love it. The house renovations are kinda just movin' along slowly but steadily. The flooring in the back bathroom is going down at the moment, then the toilet and sink can go in, then all we need is some baseboards and a door and it'll be done! We went to IKEA last weekend and got some stuff for our bedroom and some lights for the back room - I love IKEA, like, so much.

Speaking of last weekend, it was our 1-year anniversary! We went up to Canterbury for the night on Saturday - it was nice to get away by ourselves. The hotel was poo, but oh well, it was still nice to have some time on our own. We saw the movie Stardust - thought that was pretty good. Uh, yeah.

That is all. Bye bye.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Paul's surprise & update on your trip to England!

Sooo, yesterday I forgot to post the video of the initial surprise for Paul - so here it is!

Also, I've updated everything on the Wedding site - there's all sorts of info about what we're planning on doing, where we're going, and a basic idea of how much everything will cost. Check it out here! Info for US Travelers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How embarrassing

I was just on the phone with a client (named Scott), and at the end of the conversation, I said, "Speak to you soon, thanks Simon". WHAT? Goodness me, how embarrassing. Don't you hate when that happens. I'm hoping he just misunderstood me with my American accent and all, maybe he thought I said "thanks man" or something cliche American. Ha. Oh well.
Speaking of clients - I've had 3 orders this week! I also had a meeting with the hotel yesterday and though nothing is solid yet, they're at least gonna get a website, and I'm sure some print stuff, menus and a logo perhaps. Either way, business is going quite well. I also had a great feature in Wedding Ideas Magazine here in the UK. I'm gonna get a copy today and scan it in so you can see! I'll get some pictures up sometime today too.
Elijah is doing well - though he's a bit of a trouble-maker at school. Him and James are not behaving, and don't listen when spoken to, and do punk-like things, such as color on toys, etc. So James' parents and I have decided to keep them apart for now - no walking to school together, no playing after school, until the teach tells us they've been better behaved.
This weekend is me and Paul's one-year anniversary! Crazy, eh? The Martins are taking Elijah for the ENTIRE weekend, holy moly, so we're gonna have a good time. Friday we have no plans, but Saturday we're spending the night in Canterbury, and we'll probably go dancing at a Cuban restaurant and bar all night. FUN!!!
Everyone's coming out here in less than 3 weeks - weehee! I'm getting excited for the wedding too - that's gonna be great. So the plan has changed a little bit, cause we realized we need to be around the Friday before the wedding to do last minute planning things. So, Wednesday will still be Leeds Castle, Thursday is still Canterbury, Friday will be possible Dover Castle or another local thing, then the rehearsal in the evening, Saturday wedding, and Sunday London. Ya'll are gonna have to peel yourselves outta bed Sunday morning, all hungover from the night before, and somehow work up the energy to go to London. You can do eeet.
K, I gotta go, got lots to do! I'll try to post pictures later today!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh yes yes yes

I landed a HUOOOGE (well, huge for me) graphic design project! I've been contacting pretty much every single wedding venue in the UK about my wedding stuff, and the other day, I got an email from a hotel in Hythe (about 20 minutes from where I am) asking if I did other graphic design. Well, we set up a meeting, I went in yesterday, and they want me to redesign everything they have. Brochures, menus, promo cards, new logo, website, EVERYTHING. Like, thousands of pounds worth of everything. I'm getting quotes from my printer at the mo', then I'll meet with them again next week with the quotes and my "professional suggestions" on how they can improve their image. They desperately need some creative help in all areas, the hotel is in a great location, but it's basically been left to fall apart - it needs serious updating all over the place. The owners are slowly trying to redo everything, hopefully they can turn it around. It'll take years to improve their rep. Anyways, that was pretty exciting. We'll see how much I can milk, haha. I also have a meeting with a wedding client tonight at the local pub to place their order. Keep your fingers crossed that it's a bigg'un!

Paul has been keeping his eye out for a super cheap little van thingy to drive. We're really really needing 2 cars - I'm needing the car more and more for meetings, and taking E to school. Last week we had to walk to school and it was dumping rain and freezing cold, and by the time we got there, we might as well have jumped in a pool. I proceeded to phone Paul and demand a vehicle other than my feet or a bike. Haha. He has a friend that may have a van thingy for him for really really cheap - it's a V-dub, I can't even explain it cause ya'll don't have 'em in the US. Another thing to keep your fingers crossed abooot!

Tomorrow is Elijah's last day of half-time school. Next week begins full-time school for the rest of his life!! He's still loving it. He has homework (like writing his name, "reading" wordless books, etc) - he loses concentration really fast at home doing his homework, oh boy. Just wait little man 'til you have to do fractions and crap. Enjoy the wordless books while you can!!!!!

The back bathroom is prolly gonna be done this weekend. The toilet needs to go in, it needs to be painted, needs some lights, and, uh, a door. I think that's it. Then we're gonna do some funky wallpapering on the small wall, and the back room will be done for now!

Not much else new - the weather's been weird - really cold one day, really hot the next. I have swollen neck glands. Blah - I think I have the plague.

Is everyone gettin' excited to come to Engerland?!!?