Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh yes yes yes

I landed a HUOOOGE (well, huge for me) graphic design project! I've been contacting pretty much every single wedding venue in the UK about my wedding stuff, and the other day, I got an email from a hotel in Hythe (about 20 minutes from where I am) asking if I did other graphic design. Well, we set up a meeting, I went in yesterday, and they want me to redesign everything they have. Brochures, menus, promo cards, new logo, website, EVERYTHING. Like, thousands of pounds worth of everything. I'm getting quotes from my printer at the mo', then I'll meet with them again next week with the quotes and my "professional suggestions" on how they can improve their image. They desperately need some creative help in all areas, the hotel is in a great location, but it's basically been left to fall apart - it needs serious updating all over the place. The owners are slowly trying to redo everything, hopefully they can turn it around. It'll take years to improve their rep. Anyways, that was pretty exciting. We'll see how much I can milk, haha. I also have a meeting with a wedding client tonight at the local pub to place their order. Keep your fingers crossed that it's a bigg'un!

Paul has been keeping his eye out for a super cheap little van thingy to drive. We're really really needing 2 cars - I'm needing the car more and more for meetings, and taking E to school. Last week we had to walk to school and it was dumping rain and freezing cold, and by the time we got there, we might as well have jumped in a pool. I proceeded to phone Paul and demand a vehicle other than my feet or a bike. Haha. He has a friend that may have a van thingy for him for really really cheap - it's a V-dub, I can't even explain it cause ya'll don't have 'em in the US. Another thing to keep your fingers crossed abooot!

Tomorrow is Elijah's last day of half-time school. Next week begins full-time school for the rest of his life!! He's still loving it. He has homework (like writing his name, "reading" wordless books, etc) - he loses concentration really fast at home doing his homework, oh boy. Just wait little man 'til you have to do fractions and crap. Enjoy the wordless books while you can!!!!!

The back bathroom is prolly gonna be done this weekend. The toilet needs to go in, it needs to be painted, needs some lights, and, uh, a door. I think that's it. Then we're gonna do some funky wallpapering on the small wall, and the back room will be done for now!

Not much else new - the weather's been weird - really cold one day, really hot the next. I have swollen neck glands. Blah - I think I have the plague.

Is everyone gettin' excited to come to Engerland?!!?

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Wes Miller said...

Sounds really exciting on the work front. Good luck, sweetie. I'll be praying for ye.

What? No new pics? )o: