Friday, March 20, 2009

Monster Trucks

Howdy ya'll. This morning Paul and I awoke to something like this, "GOOD MORNING! When I'm a grown-up, and I can drive, I'm going to have a monster truck. Not one that goes in the sea or the water, but a big one, one where the whole top flips up like this [uses hand motion to illustrate that his monster truck will be a convertible], and one that can knock down buildings. And know what, know how you get in it? It's really huge. And know how you have to get up it? You have to climb on it. Not with a rope, you have to climb up on the wheel and then get on, not on the roof, at the back of the door, you get in and close it and if you want you can open the whole top off."

He's so awesome.

Oh - most exciting news! We got our passports back yesterday with shiny new visas inside. Indefinite Leave to Remain - awww yeah, we can come and go as we please with no conditions forevaaahh! Though it's not ALL over yet - I will be applying for citizenship for the both of us in a few months so we can get British passports.

Even though I haven't written in a long time, there's seriously nothing much new. We're starting the crazy house demolition in April - taking the wall down and building the kitchen. We're having a kitchen designer up to the house next week, so hopefully he'll have some amazing ideas to maximize the small space!

Elijah is doing well. Grammy sent him some books to read, and it makes me realize how much better English schools are (this is a generalization based on the books she sent and reading I did on American school curriculums, so dont' get all upset about me saying that something is better in England). The books she sent are for 1st and 2nd graders (ages 6-8), and he's 5 and can read them with no problems whatsoever. He read me a Curious George book the other day. And his cursive writing is amazing! I gotta show E off every now and then. Woohoo for English schools whooping the kid's butts & making them wear cute little uniforms!

Paul's still working on residential houses in Ayelsham - a bit worried that he won't have a job when this contract is finished, but I think he's being a drama queen. There's no use worrying about it. I'll just have to step it up a notch with my biz.

Things are going well for me - got some new things ready to launch, and have a meeting for a potential big contract next week. It's for magazine design for multiple publications, and would just be plain awesome. Will keep you posted (maybe).

Ok, sorry this is short - but I gotta go feed Elijah - I'm taking him to a Saturday morning movie at 10am. They play second-run movies for a pound at the movie theatre here - cheap date! We're going to see The Tale of Desperaux.