Saturday, October 04, 2008

Conkers & chestnut pickin'

Have you ever heard of conkers? I hadn't before I moved here. Kinda sounds like it would be used in this context: "Paul put Nutella on his chicken, you'd think he'd gone conkers!" No no, conkers are large nut things that fall off conker trees, and in England, you play a silly game with them where someone inevitably ends up getting injured (read about the game of conkers here). Anyways, yesterday me and E and Emma and her boys went out horse chestnut & conker pickin'. We ended up not getting any conkers really, but got a load of horse chestnuts to roast on an open fire. It was a lot of work, and they were gross in the end. Oh well, we had a great time with the boys out in the wilderness - you can see the pics on my Picasa!

Today is an awful blustery rainy day, but we may venture out into the warren anyways and get all soggy wet. Paul has decided not to do any work on the house today, so we must take advantage! We'll see if actually end up going out - we may end up playing games or something inside. Yeah.

This week is gonna be a week of selling for me. Matt and I are venturing out door to door - yuck. It must be done though - gotta make people aware of our amazingness. Haha. We're putting together a Folkestone Christmas Coupon book, and have to get advertisers. We're donating to Operation Christmas Child for every business who includes a coupon, so that'll be fun to get all that put together and donated! We need 34 advertisers for Folkestone, and we may also do Canterbury depending on how this week goes. Wish us luck!

Paul's birthday is in a week - he'll be 32. I'm planning something fun for next weekend, I'll tell you all about it (not on my blog) if you wanna know!

That's about all that's happening here - aren't you so impressed I've posted twice in a week!?