Sunday, April 20, 2008

Check me out, updating again

Look at me - updating my blog and pictures again already! Yay me.

Today was Elijah's first day back at school after 5 weeks off. He had the 3 weeks in America, then 2 more weeks of school holiday when we got back. I think he's happy though - ready to play with his friends and stuff. I was ready, haha.

So what's new...
This weekend Paul and his dad did some massive tearing up of the back patio thing. I've posted a picture for you to see. It's getting prepped for decking - I can't wait! They tore out the existing crappy patio and leveled the ground as best they could. I looks better as a huge pile of dirt than it did before! The plan is to build a two-level outdoor area, the top level will be decking and then we'll have a slap patio of sorts below it. It'll be so nice to be able to sit outside this summer.

Uhh...what else. Man, what a boring life I lead, I never have anything exciting to say. My second branch of business will officially launch soon, I guess that's pretty exciting! That's where all my time is going still, a couple more years of this and hopefully I'll be able to step back from it. It'll be worth it in the end!

I have nothing else to say. So there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm bad at blogging...

Hello all. Yes yes, I'm bad at blogging. I haven't written in a few months - sorry 'bout that. Again, I won't waste your time with excuses.

It's a beautiful day in England today! Nice and sunny, though a little chilly, spring is in the air. Elijah is off on school holiday, so we may go to the park or something. We've been back in town for 3 full days and I've been crazy busy catching up on work. I feel good though - everything is falling into place, business is getting better all the time, woohoo.

We had a great time in the States - the first 4 days were spent in Orlando for Molly & Maury's wedding. Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL in every way, and I'm so happy for them! As soon as she sends me the link to the pictures, I'll post it up here. I threw Molly a bachelorette party and rented out a bar for just our private party, then hired Burlesque dancers - it was great! There's some pictures of the party on my Picasa thingy. The wedding itself was perfect - it was a great day, a few sprinkles of rain here and there, but overall it was really nice. The church was gorgeous (Knowles Memorial Chapel on the Rollins campus), and the reception was supa fun! They went to Costa Rica for their honeymoon, we got to spend a little time with them when they got back and saw the pictures, it looked amazing. Anyways, yay Molly & Maury!

After that we went to Colorado for a week to visit my bro and Crystal and Dominic and new baby Ezummmms! That was a good time too - 'cept both Paul and I were gasping for air every time we walked to the car. I always forget how much the altitude affects me (and how out of shape I am). We didn't do much, just hung out, played the Wii, and went out to eat a few times.

Then we went back to Florida for another week, to hang out with my parents. We were also able to go to Universal with Chris, Miriam & Isabella for a day - that was a good time! We totally traumatized Elijah by making him go on the Spiderman ride (we thought he could handle it, and oh boy were we wrong). Then I thought he'd cheer up on the Shrek 3-D movie thing, but again, I was wrong, and he spend the whole movie whimpering into my side with his hands over his ears. Guess it's all just a little overwhelming for him still. Maybe next time! Anyways, we had fun!

I ate my weight in food every week there - you know - had to stock up on the American fatty goodness!! I definitely do miss the American food. Paul and I are casually talking about moving out there someday - not soon, but someday. We'll buy a little house on the beach, oh yes yes.

I'm gonna go post pictures now!