Sunday, September 02, 2007

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G'marnin' everyone. It has been one tiring weekend. Paul had Friday off, and I feel like we've been running around non-stop since then. We had Elijah's party to plan, and the house needed a total clearing out. Plus I had biznass stuff to do. It's funny how you feel like you have no time, then when you go to write a list of what you did, it doesn't seem like that much.

Elijah's party went really well. We had a bit over 20 people here - lots of food and talking and such. There were 5 kids, and they all had fun jumping on the trampoline and playing together. Elijah's best mate James came over, so that was nice for him. Before the party, Capel had a village-wide garage sale, so TONS of people in the village had garage sales. The village was madness all morning - people everywhere trying to get a deal. I got a guitar for £6 (that will not stay in tune no matter what), we got Elijah a bunch of books, and Paul got a gas trimmer for the garden and a trowel, weeeeeee! I really wanted a bookcase, but didn't find one. Elijah got a ridiculous amount of loot for his birthday - I doubt he'll be playing with his old toys for a while. Yesterday he got a race track, a tether-ball game for outside, a remote control Lightning McQueen, a Shrek punching bag, another Transformer, a Transformer Mr. Potato Head, and loads of candy. Lucky boy!

Paul's doing well - back to work in London today. The hours have been pretty consistent - he's up at 5am, and gets home at 6ish everyday. Some days he gets home earlier, if they feel like slacking a bit. I think he'll feel better about the whole thing when he gets his next paycheck when he sees the lovely London pay.

My work is going well - some good news, some bad. First - the good. I got my first order last week! Weehaw! I've been sending out about 5 samples/sample kits per week, so that's really good too! The bad news - I've been following some posts a girl has been writing on a wedding forum here in the UK. At first, she was sooooo excited about my invitations, she was plugging me like crazy telling everyone how amazing they were. Then I sent her a sample kit, and she wrote and said she was disappointed in them. Yeah, whatever girl, I'll show you disappointed. She said she didn't like the printing. I'm not gonna let it get me down too much, everyone has their own opinions. The thing is - most wedding stationery is mostly white or cream with colored words and designs - my stationery is all-over color, so no matter how you print it, it will not look as perfect as white/cream stationery. From what she said, I think she was expecting perfection. I'm still trying to make the sale with her - I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I'll let you know and celebrate if she ends up ordering with me! But overall, I've had a really positive response and things are going well. My tradeshow is next Sunday, hopefully I'll get some business from that.

Elijah starts school a week from today! He's pretty much ready to go. He has his uniforms and his school bag - all he needs is a lunch box! He starts 8:45-noon for 2 weeks, then it's 1-3pm for a week, then 11am-3pm for a week, then full time from 8:45am-3pm. I'm ready for him to go to school, not in an evil way, but I think he's ready for it. It'll be so nice for him to be around other kids again.

Ok, enough jibber jabber - here's some videos of Elijah! I also posted some new pics on the website.

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