Monday, August 20, 2007

Diaper goo fluff

So this morning has made me think today is gonna be another one of those days, but I shall try my hardest to fight it off. Elijah woke me up saying "I'm all wet" - grrrrrreat. We started wearing just big-boy pants to bed about 4 days ago, cause it'd been months since he went wee-wee in his Pull-Up. Of course, now that he's not wearing a Pull-Up, he pees his bed. Awesome. Then I went to get a load of laundry out of the washer, and there was this weird goo fluff stuff allllllllll up ova my clean laundry. I emptied it into the laundry basket, and out plopped a wet, soggy, gross goo and fluff covered Pull-Up diaper. For all ya'll parents out there - make sure you never put a diaper through the wash. Elijah has been a "big boy" for a while now, and puts his own dirty laundry in the hamper. I guess one morning he forgot to take his pull-up out of his jammies, and I didn't catch it as I stuffed the dirty laundry into the washer. So it took me like 8 times as long to hang the laundry this morning cause I had to shake and pick off all the goo fluff. Ha.

I won't waste any more time with crap - I shall talk about good things! Friday night Paul and I went to dinner with a couple we met at church - Mary and Jonathan. We went for a curry, England's #1 cuisine. We had a lovely time, Mary is cool as hell, and Paul and Jonathan got along really well. Mary & Jonathan were supposed to relieve their babysitter at 10:30, but we were having such a knee-slappin' good time, we looked at our watches at it was 11:20! Ooops. Their babysitter is Jonathan's Mum - hopefully they didn't get a whoopin'. Paul's parents were nice enough to keep Elijah for the night. We got to sleep in. HAAAA - that's a joke. The cat (who I'm now calling CousCous) woke us up at about 4:30. I locked her out, but she screamed and yelled and threw a kitty tantrum until about 5:30. Then I finally fell back asleep, and there was a loud knock at the front door at 7:30 - the POSTMAN!! What postman comes at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. I let him know that it was the 1 day I didn't have my 3 year old at home. Hahaha.

We also took Elijah to see Transformers this weekend. He was SO excited. We didn't tell him what movie we were seeing, we wanted him to guess. So after the first scene, he looked at me with his mouth WIDE open and said, "Is this Transformers Cybertron!?!?!?" He loved it - he was really good, got a little fidgety at the end, but he had a good time. He keeps asking me when we can buy the DVD.

I got a wireless doorbell from eBay for like £3, it's awesome. It's so loud we're all gonna go deaf if someone comes to our door. Heck yeah for eBay!

I've decided to brush up on my geography skillzzz. I realized I almost totally forget where things are on this side of the world. I bet if you go to this site and try to locate all the countries, you won't do as well as you think you will.

Seriously, try it - no cheating! And think, that link is for the "easy" test.

Here's a new funny video of Elijah. He was playing with the cat and she poked him in the eye. Ha!! Anyways, that's all for now. I'll post an update if I get the order!

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