Sunday, September 09, 2007

Elijah is officially a big boy

Today is Elijah's first day of school! He was soooooo excited. I posted some pics of him in his new uniform 'n stuff. I'm quite happy about the whole thing - I think he would've gone completely mad if he had to stay here with me much longer. He's ready for school and friends and structured playtime. I think it'll do us both a load of good. We met up with James Bates and his parents on the way to school and walked together. Elijah and James are so cute - their conversations are amazing.

"I have a Power Rangers water bottle".
"Well, I bought a Power Rangers shirt for FIIIIIVE pounds!"
"Look at my Go Diego Go backpack!"
"I have a bag too - mine's for schoooool."
"I'm going to big boy school with you!"

They're so cute. I'm glad Elijah has James - it's nice he has a little best friend already. His parents are pretty cool too - Paul and I will have them over for dinner once the back of our house is presentable...hopefully in the next few weeks.

So I had my trade show yesterday. It went very well I think. I honestly couldn't tell ya if I'll get an order from it, but the response was great, especially from other businesses. I'll be having a meeting with a photographer this week about starting a partnership of sorts - they'll plug me, I'll plug them (it will work out perfectly since my invites have photos in them). They're also involving a guy from the Kent Wedding Network cause he's really interested in my stuff. So yay. I'm about to call a lady that seemed really interested in stuff for her wedding, and she's getting married in 5 weeks, so she needs 'em fast. Hopefully she'll actually order! Of course, my wandering mind is already conjuring up another business plan for another venture. We'll see how far I can take it!

Not too much else goin' on. It's kinda chilly today - I think summer is coming to an end, sadly. We were gonna go camping in our back garden this past weekend, but didn't, cause we suck. So this coming weekend we may actually go real camping down in the warren. Weehoo! Then in a few weeks we might go up to Leicester cause I got Paul a go in a Lamborghini for Valentine's Day this year, and we haven't had a chance to get up there yet. There's also a Space Museum in Leicester, so we wanted to make a weekend out of it. We'll see!

That is all. Arrivederci.

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