Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Yo. How is everyone? Us Mah-ins are doing well. It was COLD this morning. My face was like, frost-bitten by the time we got to Elijah's school. Shoot. I've been looking online for a £200 car, but what am I talking about? We can't afford a £50 car. The wedding is closing in, the mortgage on Paul's other house kicked back in, and, uh, I'm making peanuts at the moment. I sense the orders - they're out there - it's just taking some time. My first order is going to print tomorrow - that's exciting. I think when the brides-to-be send out their invitations with my copyright on the back, business will pick up. I'm going to a meeting for a Kent-based wedding organization tomorrow eve - I think that'll bring good things. I already landed a few freelance jobs from talking to the head of the organization, so it seems like it's gonna be a good thing! I've also been encouraging myself by ordering my competition's samples, and mine are better. I'm serious. Better print jobs, better card stock, better color. I just gotta get the word out - but man, it's so so true it takes money to make money. I gotta save up for some more advertising.

This past weekend was fun. Our little fam went to St. Margaret's beach on Saturday - it's a beautiful rock beach in between 2 looming chalk-white cliffs. I forgot my camera, but here's a couple photos of it -

It was a perfect day too. We just sat on the beach and rummaged through all the cool rocks. Paul wrote "ARSE" on one of the rocks and tried to make me believe it was actually IN the rock. What a geek. Haha. Then I found a little barnacle thingy- and named him Barney the Barnacle and took him home with me. I took a picture of him and posted it. He's great - he's on my mantle now. Anyways, then Saturday night Paul and I went to our friends Mary and Jonathan's house for dinner. That was a lovely time. We have a lot in common (besides the fact that she's American and he's English) - and they're a hoot - we had a good time laughin' a stupid crap n' whateva.

Elijah is doing really well at school. We're about to practice writing his name (he has homework already!), and then we're gonna take a stab at reading practice. He's starting to grasp sounding out letters to make a word - I think he'll be reading before we know it! He's still all about James Bates, we'll be having another play-date at his house tomorrow. We went to Kidz Planet yesterday and they had a good ol' time.

That's it - nothing exciting, just regular life in da UK. Weehoooo.
Oh, here are a few videos of trampoline fun:

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