Thursday, August 16, 2007

One of those days

I feel like complaining, so watch out, this blog is nothing but Donna complaining. I warned you.

I just received my mail, and in it was my invoice for the first month of advertising in Wedding Ideas Magazine, as well as a copy of the publication. I was all excited, and started flipping through it to spot my features. As part of the advertising package, you get a regular ad in their directory in the back of the magazine, as well as features throughout the magazine. Anyways, I flipped, and flipped, and flipped...and I wasn't featured! I wrote to my rep and asked why, and she said I was too late for this issue, but I'll be featured in the next 3. Pooooo. So that was a bit disappointing. My ad is still there in the directory for the upcoming issue, but I won't be featured until October. Dammitall.

So yeah, then I was balancing my checkbooks, and this stupid company I host my website with charged the wrong account! I want all business stuff to come out of my business account, makes sense, eh? I told them to charge my business account last month, but I guess they didn't make a record of it, cause it still came out of my personal US account. Thank goodness I had the money in there - I usually don't have much money in there anymore since I have British accounts now. Heavens to Betsy!

I also got invoices from my printer for my last 2 orders (mostly samples) and the prices they came up with were more than double what I figured! Jeeeeeeez. So I wrote to my rep, and it's somewhat cleared up, but I found out I overpaid my last invoice too - so my account is all screwed up. Hopefully that'll be taken care of soon. C'mon people!

THEN (seriously, stop reading if you don't want to hear me gripe) - for my sample kits I need to put the invitation samples in between cardboard or something of the like, so they don't bend in the mail. I found a company that does these cheap cool transparent envelope stiffeners, so I ordered 100 of 'em. They were advertised at a size of 219x108, which is EXACTLY the size I need for my stuff. I got them, and they're all more like 208x100! Too small for my stuff. Sooo, I called them, complained, and they told me they'd send me a new shipment of the next bigger size if I sent the ones I had back. So today, I just received the new "bigger" ones, and they're still too small!! They say the size is 229x162, when they actually measure 215x153!! I'm just gonna keep them anyways, I can't be bothered sending them back again. I'll just make sure to order the NEXT bigger size next time. Holy crap.

AND, I have like, NO money. Man, pray hard I get an order soon. I have a potential big order, so keep your fingers crossed. I need it! The trade show is coming up, and I'm trying to make a fancy shmancy display with household products. Starting a business, even a little business where you don't really need inventory or anything, is SO expensive. I'm scared to look at my books already - I don't really want to know how much in the hole I am. But, I must not get discouraged - the money will magically appear, it always does. Next year this time I'll be wondering why I worried, as the orders will be flowing like beer at an English pub. Yes, please.

I left the laundry out on the clothes hanger thingy yesterday and it downpoured so they're sopping wet now. Awesome.

Ok, I assume you're sick of reading this, it's ok, don't feel bad. I'd be sick of reading it too, so I shall go and leave you feeling pissed off and discouraged at the lack of goodness in my blog. Perhaps I will have good things to write about after the weekend. It's already noon here - I must go make Elijah some lunch. Byeeeeeeeeee.

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