Monday, August 13, 2007

Crazy kitty & stuff

I'm a big girl this week! I get the car! Woohoo! Paul is getting a ride to London with a co-worker, so yeah, I can actually leave Capel - aw yeah. Yesterday Elijah and I went to the Pirate Ship Park down in Folkestone, and I took him to "Old McDonald's" for lunch. It was a nice time. Today we'll probably go to Kids Planet - a big indoor playground thing. It's only £3, and he LOVES it, plus I can have some time to read a book.

Elijah's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. He is so very spoiled. He's getting trampoline and some other little things from Mama & Dad, then he has like 6 presents sitting on the fridge from folks in America, the Martins are getting him a bike I think. What a lucky boy! I'm still not sure what we're doing for his birthday yet - I think we'll just have a few close friends over, and maybe James Bates cause he loves him.

Let's see, what's new...our kitty is CRAZY - she's a foot attacker. Every time you walk by she's at your feet. She's also a pant-leg-climber - Paul and I have cuts all up our legs and on our feet from her. Stupid kitty. I love her though - she's super cute. We took her to the vet last week and she got some shots, and the vet said she'd be sleepy for a day or so. YEAH - so as soon as she got home from the vet she was sprinting from one side of the house to the other (we now call the back of our house "The West Wing" - haha). She's nuts.

Elijah is doing well - he starts school in about a month - I think 4 weeks from yesterday. I need to go buy his uniforms! The uniforms aren't bad, he just has to wear grey pants, a white polo shirt, and a green Capel Primary School sweatshirt. I need to find him a cool lunchbox - maybe Transformers or something. I still can't believe he's starting school! Eeeeek.

The business is slowly going - I sent out one Sample Kit to someone in London last week - and last night got another lead from my contact form - this girl from Florida actually. I'm figuring business will really pick up the 2nd week in September - that's the week after I do the trade show, and also the week my ad and features come out in the wedding magazine here in the UK. Oh - I'm on Google and Yahoo and MSN! You have to type in either "modern photo invitations" or "modern photo stationery" - but if you type in either of those, I'm on first or second page. Weehee! Right now I'm trying to make a cool display for my trade show for like, um, £15 or something. I'm rigging everything with random household products - I made table number stands from copper wire torn out of electrical cable, and it's all stuck in a chunk of styrofoam insulation. I got a basket for 6 pounds that I'll put that in, with perhaps a sheet tucked on top so you can't see the styrofoam. Ha. I think it'll look nice - I'll take some pictures.

Paul's doing well in London - he's been up at 5am, leaving at about 5:30, and getting home around 5:30. Sometimes he's home earlier, sometimes later - but it's not too bad. He's pretty tired, and I'm sure by the time this job is over (around Christmas) he'll be COMPLETELY worn out.

Oh - some exciting news from England - Neil and Astra got engaged! Yay!

Well, I'm off to get ready to go to Kids Planet. Au revoir!

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