Friday, June 15, 2007


Elijah has croup - again! What the heck?! I took him to the doctor, again, and he said yup, it's croup. Kids outgrow croup by the time they're 5, so we just have to deal with it. He said kids that are prone to getting allergies are more likely to get croup, so there ya go. Last night was bad, he had a really high fever and at one point his lips turned blue cause he was having so much trouble breathing. He gets himself so worked up crying that it's that much harder to breathe. Anyways, the doc gave me a dose of steroids to give him if it ever gets so bad that he really can't breathe. Let's just hope that was the last episode of croup foreva!

Not too much to speak of here in England. It's been pretty nice out lately - the summer here reminds me a lot of Massachusetts. Perfectly warm during the day and cool at night. Paul's parents are coming over tonight so me and Paul can get outta here. That'll be nice! I think we're just gonna walk up to the pub or something.

Uhhh, my life is boring at the minute, so I have nothing interesting to say. Like, at all. I'll try to take some pictures and think of something good to say this weekend. Ha.

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