Monday, May 28, 2007

R.I.P. baby bunny

Well, we had quite a productive weekend working on the house. We painted the exterior and took out some butt-ugly bushes - you can check it out under the House Progress section of the site. It looks soooooo much better. I still need to paint the door frame and clean all the windows, but it's made an amazing difference. We chose paint colors for the back of the house, finished base-coating the huge wall, Paul finished more of the floor, and we chose a wood floor finally! We're getting some kind of waterproof elm laminate stuff. It's quite nice - I'm excited!

On a sad, sad note, Paul found a baby bunny that had been hit by a car on Saturday. He brought the little guy home and made him a comfy bed in a box to see if he'd live. He was alive and didn't seem to have any broken bones, but he definitely wasn't ok - he was constantly lying on his left side and just wouldn't respond to anything. He was so tiny - he fit in one of Paul's hands. We decided if he was still alive Sunday morning, we'd take him to a vet or animal caretaker. Well, our sweet little baby bunny passed away during the night and was no longer with us Sunday morning. Sniff sniff. So sad.

Ok, back to happy things! Happy thing #1: Paul is now seriously a G. Love fan. He listened to them all weekend while working on the house. Ha! Happy thing #2: Paul all of a sudden has a new name, which is "Dad". Consistently. Elijah would call him Dad occasionally, but now kind of out of the blue, "Paul" has been removed from his mind and "Dad" is all he calls him. It's so sweet - I love to see them together. Paul is an exceptional Dad. The other day, Elijah was "helping" him in the garage, and it was just one of those days where Elijah was grating every last nerve. He was just be a pest, if you know what I mean. Paul got frustrated and told him to go do something else, so Elijah started chasing a fly. Paul looked up at him having a conversation with Mr. Fly, and said, "Sometimes you just gotta see him for what he is" and gave Elijah a huuuge hug and stopped working and went outside to play football with him. cute is that?

Not much else is going on here. It's been cold again for the past few days. It's sunny today, so hopefully it'll warm up. We're going to the evening wedding reception for one of Paul's cousins or something on Saturday. It's at the Hythe Imperial, where we're having ours, so it'll be nice to see it all set up for a wedding. Plus it'll just be nice to get out alone. Laura is coming over to babysit Elijah - he loves her, so it's fun for him too! That's all for now!

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The other Dad said...

Sorry about bunny, how did Elijah take it? Can't wait to hear about how you guys get lost going to and coming from the wedding.