Wednesday, May 23, 2007

G. Love & Crontruck

Man, I've been slacking with the pictures and blogs. Sorry peeps. It's 7:30am and I'm about to make Elijah breakfast before we head to playschool. I'm quite tired, I haven't caught up on my sleep from the other night when Paul and I went up to London to see G. Love. Yes, yes, I still see G. Love every chance I get, and yes, I made Paul come with me. But ya know, it's alright cause G. Love is now his new hero - ha! Oh yeah, I made another true G. Love fan. Hells yes. The show was great - there were about 1500 people there, I think that's the biggest show of theirs I've been to. G. is playing 5 dates in the UK and every one of them is sold out. It definitely wasn't one of the best shows I've seen, but it was still a lovely time! We got incredibly lost on our way home too - it was great! We took the car up there, and my oh my, London is a nightmare for driving! It's worse than any other city I've been to - everything is one-way, there is no structure to the streets, so no parallel or perpendicular streets, so if you get lost, you're REALLY lost. In most cities, you'll end up hitting a highway or at least a main road where you can find your way back. Nope, not in London. We ended up going to Northwest London when we wanted Southeast. We spent a good hour finding our way back to the A20, and got home at about 3am. Elijah spent his first night with Grandma and Grandpa - I guess he was a perfect angel and slept all night. Woohoo!

So it's been a little while since I've bragged about my hubby. Last night he came home with a dozen roses for me, a sweet race track car thingy for Elijah, and made me an amazing dinner of steak, pesto potatoes, asparagus and baby corn. I love him! Seriously, what the heck - he's the cat's pajamas. Where in the world did that saying come from?

Hmm...what else is new? I got my wedding dress! It's amazing! It only cost £90 including shipping and it's exactly what I wanted! I need to get a few alterations done, but I'm honestly blown away by the dress, considering the cost. Not much else going on in the wedding planning area. Our invitations are designed and I sent them to print, but the proofs I got back were a crazy weird ugly color. I'm sure my monitor is still way off, so I tried calibrating again - hopefully it'll be right this time. Better figure it out, as my business depends on the right colors! Paul's dad swiped an old-ish monitor from work, so I'm gonna hook that up to my laptop to double check colors. Let me tell you - I've been in England for only about 4 1/2 months, and I already have trouble not writing "colours". I've been training myself to write "favour" and "organise". Haha. I was going through old purses the other day and came across a bunch of American change, and it's already strange holding it and counting it - I'm so used to pounds and pence already. It's amazing how your brain just gets used to the new and out with the old.

Check out these videos of Paul & Elijah's wrestlemania session:

Crontruck to the Rescue

Round 2

OK, gotta go take little man to playschool!

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