Sunday, May 13, 2007

Knee surgery my arse

Today I received a lovely letter from my American insurance company, USAA. For those of you who don't know, I got in a minor car accident in Orlando right before moving to England. I was pulling out of my parent's street and a girl hit me coming from the left - she didn't have her headlights on, so I didn't see her 'til the last second. The front corner of my car hit the passenger side of her car, right behind the front wheel. There were some scratches and a dent on my car, and hers had a dent behind the wheel, but both were totally drivable, as we were going about 15 MPH when we hit. It was declared my fault, but I wasn't in any place in life or mood to take her to court about it.

Shortly after the claim was filed, I got a letter from my insurance company saying that she was trying to get dough for her "injuries". That p'd me right off, cause she was absolutely fine after the accident, that is, until the cops showed up and she all of a sudden started complaining about a terrible pain in her arm. Suck it up chick - you're ain't got no broken limbs n' whateva. Shoooot.

Anyways, I thought it was all settled and good cause I haven't heard anything in quite some time. Well, today I got a copy of a letter that USAA wrote to the girl's lawyer:

Dear Mr. Manglardi:
I am writing regarding the claim referenced below.
In response to your letter dated 4/13/07, since it appears we are so far apart in our potential settlement amount, I've referred your client's file to our medical management team for further review. There is a question regarding the knee injury and resulting surgery in my opinion and feel an additional review and opinion is warranted at this time.
Upon receipt of the information from this medical team, I'll be in contact with you to discuss your client's case further.

Insurance Lady



My arse.

You'll get yours Ms. Leach (oh yes, that is her real name). What is wrong with people?

OK, enough of that. I shall now talk about warm fuzzy things, such as rainbows and leprechauns (not real sure if they're necessarily "fuzzy"). There was massive beautiful rainbow outside our house last night. Check it out.

After this photo was taken, the rainbow somehow moved slowly across the sky, and one end of the arch ended up directly on our house. Everything lit up in spectacular rainbow colors, it was incredible. In the midst of this magical red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple moment, we heard a knock at our front door. Our front door has textured glass on the top half of it, so we can see the outline of whoever is standing there. This time, I saw no silhouette. I opened the door, and saw no one there, so began to close it, only to hear, "Ayy wait thar a wee minute lassie!" I looked down and I saw the most amazing sight mine eyes have ever saw. 'Twas a teensy leprechaun, red beard and all, riding a hedgehog, holding his pet snail, and accompanied by a talking mouse! Paul drew a quick sketch of our guests, here it is -

Come to find out, Herb (the leprechaun) and his homies came to find the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow, which happened to be our at our house. We told him that sadly, we do not have any gold, and we quickly came to the conclusion that the gold was on the OTHER end of the rainbow. After a quick Carlsberg and a wash-up, Herb and his posse were on their way - off to find their treasure.

Exciting evening in England, eh?


dad said...

About the insurance, as you know, I was there and saw her walking around with no difficulty and faking the arm thing. I'd love to report her for insurance fraud!

Dad said...

Regarding the insurance, as you know I was there and saw her walking around with no problem and faking the arm pain. I'd love to report her for insurance fraud.