Saturday, May 12, 2007

Humphrey the Hedgehog

Helloooo all ya'll. Sorry it's been a while since I wrote. I have no excuse.

Today is Mother's Day in Amer'ca - Happy Mother's Day! We're gonna go to the movies to see The Bridge to Tarabithia. Elijah has been itching to go. We were gonna go yesterday, but he got sick. He said his ear hurt, and he slept for probably 8 hours during the day. Weird. He woke up this morning and is back to his normal self, so we're gonna have a fun afternoon of Tarabithia, Pizza Hut, and ice cream. Lucky little boy!

Not too much is goin' on here. We went to London last weekend to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum - that was fun. You can see pictures here. It was a bit of an adventure as we took the LONNNNGGG way everywhere. You know, walking for 2 hours in the wrong direction, getting on the wrong train home, blah blah blah. We finally got home at 10:30pm (well, sort of home - to the wrong train station) and took a cab the rest of the way. We left London at 6. That's insane! I think we're gonna look into parking garages and things for next time we go up there.

The house is really starting to come together. Right now Paul is back there plastering the wall that had the window he blocked up. I think we decided on a floor - it's like a streaky wood floor, with light and dark bits all through it. Really pretty. We've almost decided on paint colors too. There's still a lot to do before we get to that point, but it's still progress!

Check out this video of Elijah - it's hilarious:

Overtired Elijah

We had hedgehogs in our garden the other night! Oh my, they were so cute - I named them both Humphrey, because obviously, all hedgehogs should be named Humphrey. They were scared at first so they rolled up in balls. They remind me of big prickly roly-poly bugs. Anyways, we left them alone and they came back out of their rolls and we could see their awesome little faces. I love them and I want a large cage filled with them. And a lemur. You can see some pics of them here, along with some other stuff from the week!

Well, I must be off to take a shower before our fun filled family afternoon.

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