Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How many times do I have to tell you to clean your room?

I think I've asked Elijah to clean his room about 486 times this afternoon. I tidied up my kitchen and went to check on him, only to find a Power Ranger had taken over his body. This miniature Power Ranger (with a very similar build & stature to my son) told me he didn't have to clean up. I said to him, "Elijah, how many times do I have to tell you to clean your room?" He looked up at me through his red plastic mask and said, "I'm not Elijah, I'm a Power Ranger". So I reached down, took away his fun, and repeated my question. "Elijah, how many times do I have to tell you to clean your room?" He replied, "Uh, fiiiive?" Ha! So I said, "Clean your room clean your room clean your room clean your room clean your room." He turned around, dropped to the ground with a protruding bottom lip and started his usual meowing. He shortly got over it, and now, as I write this, he's wearing his backpack upside down on his chest, marching around the house singing about sunshine and something I can't understand. Definitely NOT cleaning his room. Ok, time to regulate.

Regulation complete. Good heavens. Oh, we got some good news this week - Elijah got into Capel Primary School and starts in September! I guess Capel Primary is like THE best school in the area and everyone wants to get their kids into that school. I was surprised he got in cause we applied late, but we're thinkin' kids actually living in Capel get priority. It's crazy to think that he'll be in school in 4 short months, sporting his awesome uniform and all. He'll be starting half days at first, and then gradually move up to full days. We'll find out all the info at the parent/teacher night coming up.

We knocked down another wall last night - in between the back lounge and the bathroom. There is so much dust around the house when we knock walls down, it instantly makes me sick. It feels like I have fuzzy little spores growing in my lungs. Siiiick. Anyways, the house is coming along on schedule. The right wall is about ready for paint, but we have to finish the floor first. Soon enough we will be enjoying a cuppa tea back there, watching the sun set behind the fields. Ahhhh.

Ok, I must go start dinner! Byeeeeee!


Dad said...

Clean your room, Elijah!! How dare you get on his case about cleaning his room!! Do I have to remind you that as recently as last year, YOU had a hard time cleaning YOUR room? Ah, the days of wading almost knee deep in clothes thrown with malice of forethought all over your floor, until it got to the point when we forgot you had a floor! They say, what comes around goes around!! LOL Now think back to what you thought of your parents when we nagged you about your room. Is that what you want for your sweet little Power Ranger?

Dad said...

I hope you realize that I was just bustin' your chops on the above!!

The Martins said...

Yes, of course I realize you were bustin' my chops. I expected you to comment on parents getting back at their kids when they have their own kids or something like that!

dad again said...

Why would I do that? ... and the 2nd post wasn't so much for you guys as it was for anyone else who doesn't know what an ogre of a dad I was/am!!