Saturday, April 28, 2007


This morning started like any other - Paul and I got up to the lovely sound of Elijah yelling, "GET UP YOU TWO!" Paul and Elijah were heading up to Canterbury to go suit shopping for the wedding, so they had to get ready. The two of them hopped in the shower, and I went into the bathroom brush my teeth (yeah, all three of us can actually fit in our bathroom). After finishing my teeth brushing, I hung around to chat with Paul and all of a sudden, we felt a violent shaking, like, our entire house was shaking. We all looked at each other with priceless shocked faces and I said, "What the hell is that?!" Paul had to take on the surfer stance to keep from falling over, I held the sink and thought, 'Sweet Moses, the back of our house is collapsing!' Hahaa. Most of you know that we're doing a lot of demolition back there, and it wasn't build too well in the first place about 30 years ago, so I wouldn't be horribly surprised if it did fall down. As soon as the shaking stopped, I ran back to check out the house - it was fine. Nothing out of place, but our power was out. What in the world was it? I asked Paul if it coulda been an earthshaaaaake, he said probably not, earthquakes are hardly heard of in Britain. I chucked on some appropriate clothes and went outside to see if anyone else at felt it. Well, the entire street was full of confused people - many rumors beginning to spread - power plants blowing up, gas explosions, etc. etc. No one had a clue what had happened.

To make a long story short - it was an earthquake. About 5 on the Richter Scale - so a "light to moderate" earthquake. You can read about it on most news sites. Pretty weird in jolly ol' England.

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