Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's with the dubs?

My intention is not to offend the English here, or those running the TV stations, but I must gripe about a peeeeeeve of mine. In America, shows that are English stay English. I'm talking about kid's shows specifically because that's what my TV-life consists of, but shows like Teletubbies, Charlie & Lola, Brum, etc. - we keep them all the way they came, with English accents and all. But here, American shows like Clifford, The Backyardigans, Todd World, etc. - they dub over the voices with English accents. What the hey? What's wrong with keeping the shows fully American? Elijah got all excited this morning cause the Backyardigans were coming on for the first time since we've been here, but instead of being The Backyardigans, they're The Back-yahhd-igans. I'm sure he couldn't give a care. I'm not getting at anything, I just wonder why that is...

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