Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weddin' plannin' is fun!

I just finished a nice bowl of butternut squash with red pepper soup. That stuff is gooooood. Elijah went to playschool for a few hours today, and will start his first whole session tomorrow. It runs from 9am-12:30pm and he'll be going Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. He LOVES it at playschool - I think he's ready to have some organized learning and interaction with other kids. He's pretty excited about the whole ordeal. I've come to find out that he will be starting school in the fall. Can you believe that? This little man who was just in my belly will be in school, donning his cute little English uniform and all. Goodness, how time flies.

The wedding planning is in full gear - the list of things to do seems to get longer and longer. Find a dress, pick a cake, reserve tuxes, pick flowergirls, lose some pounds, do gift registries, figure out decorations, favors, candles, transportation, dinner menus, music, etc. etc. etc., plus figure out accommodation for everyone coming from the States. What a process. I gotta say though, it sure is fun! The best part is my girl Molly is getting married 4 months after me, so we can plan together from across the pond! Weehee! It would be nice to have everyone around to plan with me, but at least we have the internet - thank God. I found out yesterday that St. John's Church in Folkestone (I put pictures up on the site) is definitely available to use, and it's FREE, and I can use whoever I want to do the ceremony! Ahem...Brian... Things are coming together, for now.

Not much else to speak of lately. Paul and I spend almost every night going over things we need to do for the house. We just stand in the garage and look around at the disaster and cry. Haha. We're luckin' out with a bunch of stuff though - a some of his friends work in trades and can get us a lot of materials we need. Sweet!! The first step is getting the city council in here to tell us what we can and cannot do. I'll keep ya posted.

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