Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stinky (but oh-so-cute) polecat

Sorry it's been a while since I added anything to the website. We've all been sick and uh, I've been what's known as "lazy". A few weeks ago Elijah had croup. He woke up at about 10pm from his sleep and couldn't breathe. The only way he could breathe was to violently cough and then suck in air. It wasn't very fun. It took us an hour to calm him down and get him breathing ok again. I took him to the doc the next day and he just confirmed the croup and said it's a virus and it'll go away on its own. This family has caught every virus known to man in the past 3 months. It'd be nice to feel totally better. I think Paul & Elijah would second that.

So I tried being a master baker again - I've come to the conclusion that it's my oven that's the culprit here. 'Tis my new nemesis. There's no way I can be THAT bad at mixing ingredients. I made a 10" cake that's supposed to be a nice light & moist butter cake, and it turned out like pound cake. Actually, more like ton cake. It's eatable though. So yeah, then today I made an 8" chocolate cake and same thing - it's like crazy dense pudding. It stuck to the pan despite my thick layer of shortening and butter, and I had to patch 30% of it with frosting. Awesome! Anyways, I think we've decided to get someone to make our wedding cake. Paul has convinced me that I may kill somebody if I'm trying to make a wedding cake the week of the wedding when all my family and friends are here. So yeah - he knows someone at work whose wife does cakes. I'm past the point of caring!

This morning we found a polecat in our back garden. It's like a humungo smelly ferret weasel thing. Of course anyone that knows me knows that I was all like, "AWWWWWW - it's so cute! I must have it! Can we keep it pleeeease?!" When I find cute little animals in my yard, no matter if they're actually someone's pet or not, I assume it's poor and starving and homeless and I want to take it in and nurture it like it was my own wee babe. At first we were just throwing ham at it and it was gobbling it up, then Paul went outside and the polecat ran directly at Paul. Polecats are apparently quite vicious creatures, so Paul jumped back thinking it was gonna go for him. Well, quite the contrary. It got up to him and was jumping all over him like a dog, rubbin' on his legs and lookin' fer love. We came to the brilliant conclusion that it was someone's pet. By the way, polecats STINK! Paul stowed it in a box in our kitchen while he figured out what to do with it, and it let off this insane musky butt stank. Ick.
We eventually found its owner about 6 houses down from ours. Weee, fun small cute animal adventures.

I just got back from walking Elijah to playschool only to find out there isn't playschool this week cause of Easter. Nice of them to tell me. Shoot.

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