Monday, March 19, 2007

My oven is a piece of...

I just had the most awesome ridiculous cake disaster ever. Hahaaa. I think I should start using quality ingredients. I mustn't cut corners with things that are actually supposed to turn out well. I think I'll have to buy the posh ingredients at a time such as this - I must not be budget. I know I'll have trouble spending more than 39p on a thingy of flour and £1 on a carton of eggs, but I must force myself. I made a 12" vanilla buttercake, and it was more like a 12" cornbread ass crust chunk thing. I shoulda taken a picture before I chucked it. I used the flour that cost 39p and crap eggs, and I didn't have a sifter. Plus my house was so cold this morning that the butter WOULD NOT get to room temperature, so it wasn't really smooth, like, at all. Plus, my oven sucks. At first I thought it was just a horrible recipe, so I made a huooge batch of another recipe and stuck it in the oven for an hour or so, and out emerged another pan of baked poop. Stupid ingredients. I'll be venturing to the supermarket tonight to get some quality stuff and give it another go tomorrow. Yeeheeeee. Oh - so I looked online to see if maybe I could find Betty Crocker or Pillsbury cake mixes in England, and I did, but look at the price of ONE box.

Yes, that says £3.39. Yes, that means about $6.50. That is a crime! It costs like 99¢ in America!! I think I need to start selling cake mix on the black market. I could send Elijah to college with the profits. Shooooot.

We're getting some free furniture today! I think we're getting a set of wicker-type outdoor/conservatory furniture, some side tables, and another big furniture thing. I'll let you know how it is when we get it. I don't know where we're gonna put everything, probably in the garage for now.

I posted some more pictures on the site. The other day we went to a place called Kearsney Abbey in Dover - it's a beautiful park with lakes and fields and flowers and swans another other pretty things. There's also some pics of my Mother's Day presents - haha - you'll have a good laugh.

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