Monday, April 09, 2007

Deer Woman

It's Tuesday, after a pleasant 4-day weekend of leisure. We totally let the house go, didn't clean or do anything responsible and just had fun. It was great, and now I have to spend the entire day purging the house of piled-up crap. Anyways, Paul had 4 days off and we did all sorts of things. We went to Leeds Castle on Friday, to Neil's BBQ on Saturday, went to church and did Easter things Sunday, and went to Port Lympne Animal Park yesterday. I put pictures of most of the weekend activities up on the site.

Let's see, what's going on here in England? We're all finally over our sicknesses, I think, so that's a good thing! Today I have one of Paul's friends coming over to introduce me to her babysitter. Yeah - Paul and I can go on dates! It's so weird getting an actual babysitter. Ya know, a teenager, just like I was, who's gonna raid our house for all the good food, have her friends over, talk on the phone all night, do all those things most babysitters do. It makes me feel all growed up, that I'm the one on the other side actually hiring a babysitter! Good lord, I'm the mother of an almost 4-year-old!

This is so not important information, but it's hilarious. Paul and I were flipping through channels late one night, and came across "Deer Woman" - a short horror film that was, by far, the most amazing specimen of acting, directing and production I've ever seen. It was about a woman who had deer legs and seduced men, then trampled them to death. Hahaaaa. At the end we actually got to see the deer legs and stuff, it was classic. She jumped off a balcony to get away and her skirt flew up and you could see her super awesome deer legs. Hahahaaaa. If you ever have a lonely boring night, see if you can rent "Deer Woman". It's almost as good as "Sasquatch Hunters".

OK, I must really stop slacking and get to working cleaning my house, it's embarrassing.

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Dad said...

I sweetie ... I thought I'd be the first to add tou your blog! I looked up this movie. It was actually a TV show from a series called "Masters of Horror". I bet it's not as good as "Mummy Daddy" though.