Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry it's been a while since I've been on this thing. I've been quite busy! Got the new business in the works, so that's been eating up half my free time, then Joosi is eating up the other half of my free time, then Elijah, Paul, Christmas, stuff. Everything's going very well though - I'm done Christmas shopping, and Elijah is off school for a few weeks. Joosi is doing quite well, and I'm expanding to another biz - I'm even registering as a limited company, wooohoo. And I even have an accountant - haha, I'm officially official, now that I have an accountant. The best part is his name is Mick Jaggar. Oh yes, it is.

Honestly there's nothing exciting going on over here. Elijah had his school play last week - here's the video of him saying his lines, and one of the kids singing.

Elijah's Lines

School Play Singing

Let's see, what's happened since the wedding. Uh, hmm...really nothing! How boring! Paul's back at Pfizer, so he's not working in London anymore, which is nice. He has a bunch of time off for Christmas too - a whole week and a half! We're just chillin' here Christmas morning, then I think we're going over to the Martin's in the afternoon.

I posted a few new pictures - I didn't have much to post, I haven't been taking my camera around. Last night Paul and I played around at - if you haven't done it, you must. Check out the pictures on our site for a taste of our evening laughter last night!

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