Monday, June 25, 2007

Footloose & Chinese Food

Good day everyone. It's quite a blustery day today. Kinda like a hurricane. I'm not looking forward to walking Elijah to playschool. I think of all weather, the wind is the most annoying. Tonight I'm goin' out with the girls to overeat at a Chinese buffet and then go see Footloose in Canterbury on stage. That'll be a good time.

Last night Paul and I woke up to the sound of quarreling foxes. That was a new experience for me, I've never heard a fox. It's an extremely unpleasant noise - I can't really describe it. Kinda like half meow, half bark. Strange English animals. I had another new experience yesterday, I tried rhubarb. That crap is WEIRD - have you ever tried it? It's like sour celery! I don't understand. I think I'll be steering clear of rhubarb from now on.

Grandma & Grandpa Martin got Elijah a big boy booster seat for their car, and he is so soooooo excited. I put a couple pictures up of him in it. He was so proud to be using a big boy set. It even has a kitty on it.

The house is really starting to take shape in the back. We had the Martins over for tea on Sunday and Paul set up the couches and made a coffee table out of a recycle bin and a wooden board so it was homey. Haha. We sat and looked at the view and imagined the finished room - it's gonna be nice! We just have to put crown molding up on the left wall, finish the wall behind where the toilet is going, finish that bathroom, and do the floor. Then put on another few coats of paint and we'll be done with that section! Then when we're rich we'll do our whole kitchen. I figure that will be perhaps in the year 2040. No - I think it could be sooner - I shall be rich off my business!

Speaking of my business, I've ordered invitations from some of my competition, and yesterday I got one from who I think is my biggest competition. Last year they won the biggest wedding award possible in the UK for "Best Wedding Stationery" (check it out, it's like a posh awards ceremony and everything -, so of course I had to check 'em out. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that mine is like, way better. Hahaha. I swear I'm not just being snobby. It is better. I swear. Plus they're more expensive than me and don't offer what I do. So - my goal now is to win that award. Oh yes, I will.

Well, Elijah is sleeping late today - looks like I have to go wake him up!

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Molly said...

Rhubarb is sooooo good! Seriously, make a pie! My DAd grows it. Strawberry Rhubarb pie is the biz-omb! love you!

PS(Love the paint on the house!)