Sunday, February 04, 2007

Too much dough for us plain folk

It's freezing here today. 35 or something. After Elijah's nap we'll be walking to the primary school to get info on play groups for him. Then we'll stop at the park if our toes still have some warmth. Today is Paul's dad's birthday so we're going to the Tavernetta for dinner tonigh. It's a really fancy shmancy Italian restaurant in Folkestone. Yay! Italian food!

We went to Eastwell Manor yesterday. It was amazing, but we knew from the moment we pulled up the drive and saw the 2 Bentleys parked out front that it would be way too much money for us plain folk. There were old men sitting in front of huge fireplaces, in their smoking jackets, saying "Myes" over and over, looking way too proper. The wedding dinners start at £50 per person - that's like $100 per person!!! Just for dinner, not including the venue rental, drinks, or anything else! That's total insanity. So, we're now down to 2 options or so. We're checking out Dover Castle sometime this week. We're hoping to settle on a place by the weekend.

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