Monday, February 18, 2008

Being sick is stupid.

I'm sick and miserable and I'm gonna take this opportunity to whine. I can't breathe outta my nose, and I can't sleep! So I'm super tired, but still can't sleep, and my head hurts, and my sinusseseses are pissed off, and I got the chills, and I can't hear out of my left ear, and waaah waaaaaah wah.

Elijah is on half-term this week, so he doesn't have school all week. We don't have anything exciting planned - perhaps go on some outdoor adventures when I feel better, and I think we're having James sleep over one night. Then maybe Kidz Planet on Friday afternoon. Elijah's been a bit sick too - but mostly just a runny nose.

We bought our plane tickets to Amer'ca! We'll be coming into Orlando on March 19th, and flying back to London April 7th. Molly & Maury's wedding is the 22nd, and then we'll be spending a week in Colorado, from March 24th-31st, though we haven't bought our tickets yet. Elijah has a little calendar on his wall where he can cross off the days til we go to America. He can't wait to play with his old toys and eat Goldfish crackers!

Despite my stint of the plague, I have managed to finish the new stationery site, and I've even landed a nice new client for the new biz. Yay me. I sent an email to all my past clients and sample people, and have had 156 hits to the site since this morning. Weehaw! Now that that's done, I can concentrate on the design & marketing business, cause that's where I want to spend most of my time. Things are right on schedule, now I just need some investors so I can fund some advertising to get more business!

Paul and I are finally going to have our driveway done! We're tearing up most of the front lawn and putting a drive there to fit 2 cars, and we'll be redoing the brick wall out front too. We'll finally get rid of the white trash huge pile of crap out front that's been there for a year! I might actually like coming home and looking at my house!! Haha.

Not too much else new - I hope I feel better soon, that's all! Elijah is watching Dunderklumpen at the moment, I must go join him.

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