Monday, February 26, 2007

We hosted Bingo night

Blarrrney, I'm sick. Being sick sucks, a lot. I haven't been sick in so long, I don't even remember what it's like being sick, but it sucks. My throat is so sore I can't even touch my neck. I'll be going to the doc tomorrow if it's still as bad, I may have strep. Blaaaaahhhhh.

I shall now brag about my husband again...he is amazing and knows just what I need and can take over the "Mummy" role like a pro when I need him to and he's just the biz. He got home from work yesterday, ordered me into bed so I could rest, cooked dinner, played with Elijah, got him all ready for bed, tidied up, and was always there to see if I needed anything. Seriously, he's the best, and I love Mr. Mah-in. :-)

The wedding planning is going well. Not too much has been done over th past week, we're kind of in the waiting phase right now. I've definitely decided to make my own wedding cake. They're around £350 here - $700!!! Is that normal??? Holy cow - can you believe it's $700 for a large mound of butter and sugar? No way, I shall beat the system and make my own for like $50. Bring it. We've secured St. John's for the ceremony, and we'll even be having an organist! Ha - sweet. I posted a new picture of the inside of the church in the "Pictures" section. So now I'm just waiting for the supplies for the invitations (cause I'm making those too). That'll keep me busy for a while.

Elijah is doing well - he's fighting off another cough, but it doesn't seem to slow him down. He LOVES playschool - he looks forward to it every day. He goes from 9-12:30 every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It's good for him - the teachers noticed he's very much into adults rather than other children, so they're working with him to get him to interact a little more with the other kids. It'll be good prep for when he goes to school in the fall! Just a quick note for those that have read my other journal posts, I have found a whopping TWO American kids shows that have been kept fully American here - Curious George and Elmo's World. How exciting!

We had some friends over Sunday night and ended up playing Bingo and this game on Playstation called "Buzz". Bingo was so fantastically boring - it was hilarious, we kept commenting on the fact that we're a bunch of 20- and 30-something's playing Bingo on a Sunday night! Haha! Buzz is a music trivia game, and I'd usually whoop at that type of game, but it was British, and I didn't know probably 3/4 of the answers. I gotta get Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture over here and kick everyone's arses!

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